‘Fur Tree’ installation by Makoto Azuma (東信) at FENDI Ginza boutique

I visited Fendi pop-up store in Ginza, which opened in November 20 2015 for 50th anniversary of the first shop opening in Japan.

Fendi Pop up

Fendi is one of my favourite brands but the purpose of my visit was to have a look at Makoto Azuma (東信)‘s fur tree that is exhibited at the centre of the boutique.

Fur tree

Fendi is an Italian luxury brand, which collection includes ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, eyewear, but the brand is originated from fur and leather goods and it is still renowned for its exquisite creations on fur and fur accessories. Fur Tree by Makoto Azuma represents the root of the brand.

Makoto Azuma is the Tokyo-based flower artist, who is known for his botanical sculptures. Azuma places live pine trees inside a steel cube. The contrast of nature and armor increases its beauty of pine’s form. He chose pine tree as it is believed that Gods dwell in the tree.

Azuma worked on the installation of the pine tree (so-called ‘Shiki’) in awe-inspiring locations and surprising settings on earth.  Placed on a yellow expanse of sand dunes, floating along glaciers in a turquoise sea, underwater, under water fall, or on an abandoned power plant.  ‘Shiki’ was even sent into space.

When I heard about the fur tree in Fendi Pop-up store, I expected the same sort of unique and dynamic installation as his series of work with ‘Shiki’, but I was a little disappointed by the tree. The large  tree seems uncomfortably sitting in unsuitable small space. Fur tree may be missing gods.

The process of creating fur tree can be seen in the below YouTube video.

I would like to introduce some of Azuma‘s great work with ‘Shiki’ series.

azuma-makoto-duneazuma-makoto-Glacierazuma-makoto-Underwaterazuma-makoto-Waterfallazuma-makoto-power plantazuma-makoto-space

All photos from Architectural Digest: A Bonsai Travels to the Wildest Places on Earth

If you are interested in Makoto Azuma, you can find more info from here.

Azuma Makoto’s Exhibition is available:
Date: November 13, 2015 – January 17, 2016
Place: Le colysee in Lambersart, Lille metropole, France