Floating Flower Garden @National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (日本科学未来館)


The exhibition of flower themed new installation started on March 7 until May 10 at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (日本科学未来館) in Odaiba, Tokyo. This installation was made by teamLab, one of the coolest digital technology based creative group in Japan.  I wrote about their exhibition at Maison et Objet in January.

At ‘Floating Flower Garden’ー more than 2300 floating flowers fill the space. These flowers are alive and are growing everyday. Once a viewer approaches to the space with full of floating flowers, those flowers reacts by moving up and creating a hemispherical space around the viewer. If multiple viewers get closer each other, each hemispherical space is merged and become one large dome. It is as if the flowers and viewers unify in the space and merge in harmony.

You can get the feeling of the exhibition in the moving picture below.