Sayonara Hotel Okura

The main building of Hotel Okura Tokyo will be demolished after its closing on Aug 31.

As I touched on it in my blog earlier, worldly well-known designers, architects and foreign media have been expressing regret and some are calling for saving for Hotel Okura, but our wish didn’t come true.

Bottega Veneta started a social media campaign,


where one could post photos expressing the moment felt/spent at Okura.

This campaign is driven by the appreciation of Tomas Maier, the Creative Director of Bottega Veneta toward the architectural aesthetics and the modernism that Okura holds.

I will drop by to embrace the last moment and say good-bye once again.

KATAGAMI Inspired Interior Design

Katagami‘ is originally a tool that is used in the process of dyeing textile, however, today, Katagami itself is seen as a source of artistic inspiration by many artists and designers, from its charm and artistry.

I am pleased to see some examples that Katagami is adopted as an essential element of interior design by some of respectable interior designers such as Steven Gambrel and Eric Cohler.

At the bottom, the sofa in front of the Katagami hanging wall is called “Katagami” collection of Lauren Stern.

Isn’t it cool?

Steven Gambrel

steven-gambrel-seaside-9 Steve Gambrel Katagami

Eric Cohler 

eric cohler Katagami

Lauren Stern

Sofa from her “Katagami” collection.

lauren Stern Katagami