ARTIST “NORITAKA TATEHANA” The Borders of Tradition and Innovation

Heel-less Shoues Lady Pointe 2014

You may familiar with Lady Gaga’s 9 inch heel-less platform shoes.

Lady Gaga by Nick Knight for Vanity Fair

Lady Gaga by Nick Knight for Vanity Fair

The designer of her shoes is Japanese artist, ‘Noritaka Tatehana‘.

noritaka tatehana

Photo via Noritaka Tatehana site 

The heel-less shoes was his graduation project from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010 and the shoes soon attracted the attention of fashion industries overseas including Lady Gaga’s stylist.

Becoming Lady Gaga’s sole shoes-maker suddenly put him in the spotlight. Nowadays, his heel-less platform is loved by many celebrities such as Daphne Guinness.

Daphne Guinness

Photo via French Vogue

His inspiration of the design came from ‘Oiran’ (Japanese courtesans), whose decadent fashion established a very unique mode in the 19th Century.

Oiran wore ‘wooden geta’ which is thirty centimeter-high platform shoes. NoritakaTatehana says that his heel-less shoes are a new version of the traditional Japanese platform shoes that crosses over the traditional and modern Japanese identities.

Oiran Dochu

Photo via Tsubame-kankou

“Good shoes take people to good places. I feel Happy if I can create the best pair for my clients.”

Noritaka Tatehana sees shoes are a communication tool and his profession is to adorn people.

“I am a creator of “things”, but I would like to be someone who could share time and experience with the people I meet, not just a person who leaves behind his creations.”

“I create shoes out of communication with my clients. I will create as many number of shoes as the encounters I have.”

Are you interested in getting a pair of heel-less high platform? You can order it from here. The price ranges from $2,500 a pair to $4,000.

The exhibition of Noritake Tatehana has been running at 8/Art Gallery/Tomio Koyama Gallery in Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo until January 12 so you had better hurry.

Hairpin Series 2014

Hairpin red

Heel-less shoes Lady Bloom 2014

Floating World Series 2014

Lady Gaga Shoes

The style is not quite for me, but I had a Lady Gaga moment.

gaga shoes

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