KATAGAMI: 2014 “REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT” hosted by Hidetoshi Nakata

Nakata at Charity Gala 2014

Via Take Action Foundation

I shouldn’t forget mentioning about Hidetoshi Nakata’s charity gala called “REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT CHARITY GALA”.  Katagami (Japanese paper stencil) was selected as a theme for this charity. Hidetoshi Nakata is a well-known former Japanese footballer, who played in the Italian Serie A and in the English Premier League. After the retirement, he has been an active supporter of Japanese traditional culture and craftsmanship. He is Chairman of the board of directors of ‘Take Action foundation’ and “REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT” is one of the core activities of this foundation. Hidetoshi Nakata has been hosting a charity gala every year, which aims to promote the development of Japanese traditional culture and craftsmanship. The theme for 2014 charity was ‘Katagami’. The gala was held at Grand Hyatt Fukuoka on July 19, 2014 by having Gucci as a main sponsor. For the charity auction, 5 teams consisting of artists, designers and experts from different communities were formed and they created some 10 special ‘one and only’ kind of pieces, which brought out the charm and potential of Katagami. Gucci’s ‘Lady Lock’ bag was also exhibited in the auction. This bag  is designed with the brand’s trademark double-G logo lacquered on deer leather by using katagami. The auction gained 23.45 million yen in total and it was donated for the following activities of REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT.

Hand-dyed coat – Artisan Uchida created the katagami








Gucci’s ‘Lady Lock’ bag

Gucci lady lock bag

Although this may be a small step for Katagami to get an attention from new segment of audience, I appreciate the initiative to provide katagami high visibility.

Thanks, Hidetoshi Nakata!

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